How to Load Nails in a Nail Gun

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Things You'll Need

  • Nail gun

  • Clip of nails

Load Nails in a Nail Gun

A hammer is great for small tasks, such as hanging pictures, but for more extensive projects you may want to use a nail gun. This powerful tool embeds nails almost effortlessly and can save you time and toil. For your next building project, learn the easy process of loading a nail gun and save yourself some work.


Step 1

Obtain a clip of nails to load into your nail gun. While some nail guns have a sleeve that runs perpendicular to the barrel of the gun, most nail guns are angled nailers in which the sleeve connects at an angle. You will need to find the right clip to fit into your gun.

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Step 2

Position the clip in line with the sleeve so that the nail heads are pointing to the rear of the gun. Make sure that the nails run parallel to the gun's barrel.

Step 3

Slide the clip of nails into the notch at the bottom of the sleeve, and holding the gun upside down, let the clip fall all the way to the end.

Step 4

Press the button inside the spring mechanism that is attached to the sleeve and slide it all the way back past your nails within the sleeve, still holding the button.


Step 5

Let the button slide back towards your nails until it clicks. This means that the spring mechanism has set. This will then feed the nails into the gun as you use them.


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