How to Use Renaissance Wax

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Renaissance Wax is a micro-crystalline wax polish used by many museums as well as jewelers to protect the finish on precious items. Renaissance Wax does not leave a filmy residue and when applied properly creates a clear, protective coat over the object. You can use Renaissance Wax to protect the patina on your jewelry


Step 1

Dip a corner of a clean, soft cotton rag into the Renaissance Wax container. Put just a little bit of wax on the tip of your rag. Smooth the rag over the surface of your jewelry piece. Use the wax sparingly. A little wax will go a long way.

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Step 2

Wait for a few minutes. Allow the Renaissance Wax to dry. Buff off the excess wax with a separate clean portion of your rag.

Step 3

Repeat the process until the jewelry has a nice sheen to it. This is a matter of personal preference. There is no magic number of coats. Be aware that Renaissance Wax will slightly darken your patina.


While Renaissance Wax is a bit expensive, it will last for a long time if used properly.


Do not apply too much and be sure to wipe/buff off all the Renaissance Wax after it dries or you may be left with a white haze on your piece. While Renaissance Wax offers some protection for your patina, no protectorate is foolproof. Both the patina and the Renaissance Wax will wear off on high spots, and some color shifting might occur over time depending on what type of patina you used. Liver of sulfur is relatively stable. In general, patinas on copper tend to be flakier, more sensitive and less durable over time (than patinas on silver or gold) even if you apply Renaissance Wax to stabilize and protect.

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