How to Use Renaissance Wax

Renaissance Wax is a micro-crystalline wax polish used by many museums as well as jewelers to protect the finish on precious items. Renaissance Wax does not leave a filmy residue and when applied properly creates a clear, protective coat over the object. You can use Renaissance Wax to protect the patina on your jewelry

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Dip a corner of a clean, soft cotton rag into the Renaissance Wax container. Put just a little bit of wax on the tip of your rag. Smooth the rag over the surface of your jewelry piece. Use the wax sparingly. A little wax will go a long way.

Wait for a few minutes. Allow the Renaissance Wax to dry. Buff off the excess wax with a separate clean portion of your rag.

Repeat the process until the jewelry has a nice sheen to it. This is a matter of personal preference. There is no magic number of coats. Be aware that Renaissance Wax will slightly darken your patina.

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