How to Make Rubber Stamps Online

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Make Rubber Stamps Online

Rubber stamps are commonly found in business environments and for personal use too. You can make your own custom rubber stamp using an online company. It only takes a few minutes to create a custom rubber stamp online. Select from a design and add to it or completely make your own personalized rubber stamp. These rubber stamps are offered in a large selection of styles, prices and ink colors.


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Step 1

Compare the online rubber stamp websites. The process of making rubber stamps online is comparable at most websites. The variety and prices differ. Check out at least three different online rubber stamp websites (see Resources) to get an assortment of options.

Step 2

Begin making your rubber stamp. Select the option to customize in the form of a "wizard" or a link titled "create a stamp," "get started" or something similar. If you want to use a picture or graphic, make sure you have it accessible.


Step 3

Add text to your rubber stamp. Choose how many lines of text you want to include, which can be as high as 20 at some of the rubber stamp websites. Pick the specific font type, style (bold, italic, underlined), color and size desired. If offered, decide on the "Justification" of the text from left, right or center. Type in the text for your rubber stamp in the text fields provided.

Step 4

Insert a graphic or picture and preview your custom rubber stamp online. Use the "Browse" button to find the file of your graphic. Upload it to the online designer. Some of the rubber stamps websites have graphics you can use. If allowed, make changes or alterations to the graphic as desired. Preview your custom rubber stamp to see how it looks. Make any needed modifications to it.

Step 5

Purchase the customized rubber stamp you made online. Supply the shipping details and payment method to buy your rubber stamp.