How to Make Secure Full Korker Hair Bows

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Korker hair bows are hair accessories that have been made with curly, stiffened ribbon. You can make your own korker hair bows by baking your ribbon and creating the hair bow. These bows make the perfect gift for the young girls in your life.


Things You'll Need

  • 5/16-Inch Wooden Dowel Rods

  • Small Craft Clothespins

  • Needle

  • Hot Glue/Gun

  • Wood Burner Or Lighter

  • Thread

  • Oven

  • 3/8-Inch Grosgrain Ribbon

Step 1

Decide what colors, size and fullness you would like your korker hair bows to be. Polka dots, stripes and solids of two different colors work well together. Contrasting colors with a neutral mixed in are good choice as well.

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Step 2

Sand your rods well with sandpaper so the ribbon will slide off easier. Use 18-inch dowel rods or buy the long ones and cut them to save money. You want the dowels as long as possible to fit in the oven because this will save ribbon. It usually takes about 1 yard of ribbon per dowel, but don't precut your ribbon to avoid waste.


Step 3

Wrap rods in ribbon. Start at the top of one and attach a clothes pin. Holding the ribbon tightly spin the rod holding the ribbon in one hand as tension. As you wind the ribbon around the rod, attach clothespins at regular intervals along the dowel rod. This will hold the ribbon in place. At the other end attach the other clothes pin and cut the ribbon. How many rods you need will depend on the size and fullness of your bows. You can usually get five to seven cuts of ribbon per stick and a full korker usually takes 18 to 24 cuts per bow.

Step 4

Preheat the oven to your preferred heat between 225 degrees and 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your ribbons on a piece of foil and place the foil on the oven rack. Cook for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the ribbon. Cook patterned ribbons a shorter amount of time than solid ribbons because the pattern will begin to run. Darker colors don't need to cook as long as lighter colors.


Step 5

Allow ribbon to cool and slide the ribbon off the rod. If you sanded your rods well, the ribbon will slide off like silk. Be aware that some colors will run onto your stick.

Step 6

Plug in a wood burner and place on the foil. Hold a small length of the ribbon with the wrong side up firmly on the foil.

Step 7

Make nice cuts. The longer your cuts, the longer your bow. Cut your ribbons to the length that you like. The wood burner seals the ends from fraying as it cuts. Make sure you cut on foil so you don't burn anything unintentionally.


Step 8

Lay your ribbon out in the order in which you would like them to go in your korker hair bows.

Step 9

Take a a piece of thread and double it through a needle. Make a secure knot on the end. Start threading the korkers. The first korker you thread will be the outside of your korker hair bow.

Step 10

Make sure you space the ribbons out and stay in order as you thread them. Only push the korkers to the end of the needle, not onto the thread.


Step 11

Once you have the desired fullness pull the thread all the way through. This might be difficult. You can use a hard surface to push the needle through. Run the thread through the korkers again to make sure it is secure and tie off.

Step 12

Use hot glue to attach a clip to the korker hair bow.


Only use 100% polyester ribbon. Cotton or other materials can catch on fire.