How to Repair Concrete Roof Tile

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Things You'll Need

  • Replacement tiles

  • Ladder

  • Crow bar

Repair Concrete Roof Tile

Roofs made of concrete tile are the most durable types of roofs available. They are so strong that most manufacturers offer 50-year warranties. These tiles are made from extruded concrete, which is formed under high pressure. Available in a large variety of shapes and colors, these tiles will last for many years, protecting your home from rain, snow and ice. They are even safe to walk on when making roof repairs or cleaning your chimney. If your tiles require repair, it is fairly easy to fix them on your own, though it is important to take the normal precautions associated with working on high surfaces.


Step 1

Purchase replacement tiles to match the existing ones. This will require you to find the manufacturer and model number, if possible of the tiles. This is important because concrete roofing can be installed in many different ways, and also because there are so many colors and shapes available. To get the closest match, try and purchase from the same manufacturer.


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Step 2

Locate the tiles that need to be replaced. If they are in very visible areas, you may want to replace them with existing tiles from less visible areas so that the finishes will match. Simply place the new tiles you purchased into the less visible spaces so the change in finish isn't so obvious.


Step 3

Slide your crowbar under the tile to the left of the one that needs to be replaced. Use careful downward pressure on the end of the bar to force the tile up and out of place. Continue this process until the tile is no longer resting on the damaged section.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 with the tile that is directly above the damaged piece.


Step 5

Carefully remove and dispose of the damaged tile. Most roofs of this type feature tiles that simply snap into place with no nails, so removal should be easy now that the adjoining tiles are loose.

Step 6

Place the new tile into the empty space. Snap the top and left tiles into place firmly.

Step 7

Continue this process until all damaged sections have been replaced.


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