How to Tie Knots for Jewelry Making

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Things You'll Need

  • Beads

  • Elastic cord

  • Scissors

After putting much work and creativity into designing a beaded bracelet, tying a secure knot will help your creation stay in tact. A securely tied knot should give you the assurance that your bracelet will not fall apart. In this article, you will learn how to tie a knot in elastic cording. You will also learn how to hide the knot when closing a clasp-free bracelet.


Step 1

Complete design. When you have completed the design of the beads, close the bracelet by bringing the two ends together.

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Step 2

Position cord. Hold the beads down. Place one end of the cord over the other.

Step 3

Maneuver the top end around to the back side of the other end. Bring the top cord around to the front by passing it under the other end. Pull tight to form the base of the knot.


Step 4

Repeat Step 3. When tightening the second knot, position a bead over it in an effort to hide the closure.

Step 5

Trim excess cording. Be careful to not make a cut in the knot.


Work on a large, flat surface.