How to Soften Grapevines for Crafting

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Woven ball made from grapevines.
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Grapevines provide a rustic, homely look, whether you are making wreaths, swags, or lighted balls or using them for other crafty projects. If they are growing in your backyard, your source of pliable, fresh grapevines is a treasure. Most folks need to use the dried vines found in craft stores, which can make projects more difficult. If you know how to soften the vines, however, you're on your way to making your crafting easier.


Soft, Supple and Ready to Craft

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Soften the grapevines from your garlands or wreaths by soaking them overnight. Begin with hot water, to speed the process slightly. Submerge all of the vines and make sure they remain that way throughout the process. If you put the vines in a bucket, place a dinner plate over the top and give that added weight with canned fruits or vegetables, for instance. As an alternative, immerse the dried creepers in a deep sink, a washtub or your bathtub. Shape the vines and allow them to dry thoroughly, and you're ready to decorate your new creation.

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