How to Make Lanolin Soap

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Things You'll Need

  • 2-qt. glass container

  • 12-qt. enamelware pot

  • Wooden spoon

  • Candy thermometer

  • Rubber gloves

  • Soap molds

  • Cardboard insulation or blankets

  • 23 oz. olive oil

  • 58 oz. tallow

  • 10½ oz. lye

  • 2 pt. water

  • 2 oz. pure liquid anhydrous lanolin

Make Lanolin Soap

Lanolin soap makes a great moisturizer for your entire body. Here is a quick and easy recipe to make your own at home.


Step 1

Prepare the lye solution. Slowly add lye (potash or sodium hydroxide crystals) to cold water in an enamelware pot, stirring with a wooden spoon as you pour. The water temperature should rise to 200 degrees F as the crystals react with the water.

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Step 2

Allow the solution to cool, and pour it into a 2-qt. glass container.

Step 3

In order to make soap, the temperature of the fat and the lye solution should be between 95 and 98 degrees F before mixing them together. Mix the olive oil with the tallow, and place in container in hot water. In a separate container, place the lye solution in a pot of hot water.

Step 4

When both the fat and lye have reached the desired temperature, stir the fat mixture first, and add the lye all at once, continuing to stir.


Step 5

After the mixture turns dark, then lighter again, drop one drop of water onto the surface. If it remains on the surface for a moment, the mixture is ready. It should have the consistency of sour cream.

Step 6

Add 2 oz. pure liquid anhydrous lanolin to the mixture, and pour liquid soap into a wax paper-lined or greased mold, cover it with blankets or cardboard, and leave it sitting in a warm location.

Step 7

After 24 hours, remove the soap from the mold and leave it sitting uncovered in a well-ventilated location for approximately 4 weeks.


Use lye crystals in place of lye solution for more soapmaking precision. To create crystals, boil potash in a stainless steel or enamel pot until black salts form. Leave on heat until crystals turn gray-white.


Always wear gloves when working with lye.


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