How to Cover up Stitch Marks After Ripping out a Seam

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Things You'll Need

  • Stiff bristle brush

  • Clothes iron

  • Ironing board

If you make, mend or tailor your own clothes, you've probably had to deal with the crimped fabric and unsightly holes that result from a torn out seam. Some repair methods work better than others, but the system described here is both effective and simple. It only takes a few minutes to buff away those holes and wrinkles for good.


Step 1

Hold a section of the fabric where the seam used to be. Take a stiff bristle brush in your other hand and brush the area in question. Apply substantial pressure and brush several firm strokes in all directions.

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Step 2

Rotate the garment or fabric and continue brushing along the old seam line using the method described in the first step. Continue until you have brushed the entire seam line well.

Step 3

Turn the garment inside out and lay it on an ironing board. Warm the iron to a medium setting.

Step 4

Iron all of the areas where the seam used to be. Turn the garment right side out again.


Step 5

Brush the areas where the seam used to be with the stiff bristle brush. The trick is to brush all of the areas while they're still warm, so work quickly. If necessary, turn the garment inside out again and iron once more before finishing brushing. The second brushing should work out all of the wrinkles and holes.


Do not attempt this method on silk, satin, velvet or any other particularly delicate fabrics.


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