How to Create a Dream Collage

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Pictures from various sources

  • Paper and marker (optional)

  • Piece of newspaper for the base

  • Frame

Dream collage

One thrilling way to help you achieve your dreams is to make a collage of them. This way you are making a specific, concrete, tangible display of your dreams so the universe knows exactly what you want and can do a better job of delivering. A dream collage should consist of photos, pictures, words, phrases and anything else that signifies your goals. You can snip these items from anywhere you find them or draw and write them yourself. You can create a dream collage with a few simple supplies, a decorative frame and a dash of creativity. Several steps will help you create a dream collage.


Step 1

Prime yourself. Sit quietly with your eyes closed for at least 5 minutes and think. Decide what your utmost dreams actually are. Maybe you want to be a top-selling author, work freelance from your home and travel to exotic lands. Perhaps you are pining for a soulmate, perfect dog or new cat. Review your dreams in your mind so you can better specify them in your dream collage.


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Step 2

Form your collage's base. Take a sheet of newspaper for the base of your collage. Select a sheet from a section that has something to do with your goals, since you are forming a base for all else to stem from. For instance, if you want to be that author, take a sheet from the book review section. Cut the sheet to fit the frame you’ve chosen and lay the piece flat in front of you.


Step 3

Collect your dream images. Go through your stack of old magazines, journals, postcards and other stuff that may have dream images or phrases. You can also cut pictures and phrases from just about anywhere: the TV guide, a cereal box, a bumper sticker that tells you to “live free.” Whatever suits your fancy and desires should be put into your dream collage.


Step 4

Draw or write any additional images and thoughts you want included. If you just can’t find something that helps you get across your dream of being a belly dancer in central Canada, feel free to write it out or draw illustrations that depict your goal. You can also include a checklist ,such as: published poems, trip to the Bahamas, house in Paris. If you have very specific images in mind, such as the perfect dream house, draw that house and include the image.


Step 5

Arrange your collection and glue it to the newspaper base. You may want to begin arranging your dream images as you go along so you know how much space you are working with. Once arranged, glue your dream snippets into place with a paper or craft glue. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 6

Frame and hang it. Place your dream collage into your chosen frame and hang it in an area where you will see it daily. The more you gaze at your dream collage, sending your goals from your mind into the universe, the stronger your chances of achieving them will become.


If you find your collage is sprawling, perhaps you need to make more than one, each specific to a portion of your life. One can be your career dream collage, another your spiritual collage and a third can focus on where you want to live. You can divide one collage into by drawing a grid on your base and have each section hold a different section as well. Frames can be of any size, depending on the size of your images and your dreams. Small ones can be propped at work next to your computer. Larger, poster-sized dream collages can grace a wall opposite your bed so it’s the last thing you see before slumber and the first thing you see waking up.


If you want to keep your dream collage truly personal, you can always take it down when you have visitors or hang in it somewhere where most visitors don’t tread, like in your bedroom or private bathroom.


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