How to add Plumbing to a Cargo Container

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How to add Plumbing to a Cargo Container. Cargo containers have recently taken on the housing crunch by way of clever designers and architects. These large metal containers, used primarily for shipping, have been piling up for years. Recently, people have begun converting them into livable spaces for low-cost and emergency shelter.


Step 1

Locate the plumbing line beneath the area you are building your cargo container home. Unless you are an expert with the sensitive tools necessary for locating underground pipes, you will need to ask your water company or a contractor to locate them for you. Clearly mark these lines to avoid doing this more than once.


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Step 2

Drill a hole directly down from where you plan on installing the plumbing in the house. Remove the dirt but be careful not to break the water pipe. Once you have located the pipe, clear enough space around it to work on making a connection.

Step 3

Request that the water pipe be closed off to the water company. Cut into the pipe and make a secure connection that will not leak. Lead this pipe up through the ground and into your new cargo container. Fill in the dirt around the pipe.


Step 4

Connect whatever plumbing you are planning on adding to the home. No matter how many sinks, toilets and showers you are installing they should all drain into the central pipe that leads to the plumbing line beneath the house. Build these pipes to code and have a professional inspect.

Step 5

Test the plumbing by dumping water down the drain in the sink and shower and flushing the toilet several times. Follow the pipes to ensure there are no leaks.


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