How to Make a Plastic Box

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Things You'll Need

  • One sheet plexiglass

  • Box cutter or razor blade

  • Tape measure

  • Black marker

  • Builder's square

  • Silicone

  • Caulking gun

Whether you need a plastic box for storage or for decorative purposes, you will find that this is a simple project to complete, even with little or no prior building experience. You can build the box using whatever dimensions you prefer, using the same basic instructions. This plan is for a 2x2' square cube which will also be water tight when finished.


Step 1

Lay the plexiglass panel on a flat surface.

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Step 2

Measure 24 inches in from the first corner with a tape measure. Use a black marker to mark the measurement.

Step 3

Measure 24 inches from the first mark, moving inward toward the center of the plastic. Mark this measurement.

Step 4

Connect these two measurements using the square to keep your lines straight.

Step 5

Make a line from the bottom measure to the outside edge of the plexiglass sheet, thus completing a 2x2' square.


Step 6

Turn the plexiglass sheet over.

Step 7

Use the box cutter or razor blade to cut along the measured lines. (You will be able to see the line through the plexiglass.)

Step 8

Turn the plexiglass back over and cut along the line from the opposite side. Bend the plastic along the cut line until it snaps off.


Step 9

Repeat the above steps until you have a total of six 2x2' squares.

Step 10

Lay the first square flat on a table or other even surface. Stand a second square along one side of the first so that the edges meet. One square will lay flat and the other will stand on edge.


Step 11

Seal inside the edge where the two squares join using a thin layer of silicone applied with the caulking gun.

Step 12

Repeat this process with a second 2x2" square. This time, however, you will be connecting this square to both the bottom piece and to the side that you have already put into place. Place a thin layer of silicone on both the bottom edge and the edge of the connecting side.


Step 13

Do the same thing with the third square, siliconing both adjoining edges from the inside.

Step 14

Attach the fourth square to the bottom piece as well as to both adjoining walls.

Step 15

To complete the box attach the last plexiglass square to the top of the box and silicone into place from the outside. If you want to be able to open and close the lid, however, you will not want to use the silicone to attach the lid. Instead attach a small knob or handle to the last 2x2' square using super glue to hold it in place. This will serve as the lid for the box and allow you to easily open and close it.


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