How to Make a Fringe Fleece Blanket

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Things You'll Need

  • Two pieces of polar fleece

  • Scissors

  • Large flat work surface

  • Measuring tape

  • Safety pins (optional)

Polar fleece is soft and warm and since it doesn't ravel, it works great for making no sew blankets. The fringe is not only decorative, it also holds the blanket together without sewing. You can buy polar fleece in many fabric stores in a wide variety of colors and prints. To make a blanket, you'll need two pieces of polar fleece, both the same size. You can use the same type of polar fleece for each piece, or you can use contrasting colors to make the blanket look different on each side. Since most polar fleece comes in bolts about 60 inches wide, you'll need two pieces of about 1 3/4 yards each to make a square blanket, or you can buy more to make the blanket longer.


Step 1

Wash and dry the polar fleece. Polar fleece should not need ironing.

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Step 2

Cut off the selvages (finished edges) of the polar fleece if they're thick and bunchy, or leave them if they're smooth and flat. Make sure the cut ends of the polar fleece are straight and even.

Step 3

Cut out a 4 inch square from each corner of each piece of fabric.

Step 4

Lay out one piece of polar fleece on a large, flat work surface. Spread out the fabric so that it doesn't have any wrinkles.


Step 5

Place the other piece of polar fleece on top of the first and smooth it out.

Step 6

Pin the layers of fleece together using safety pins. This step is optional, but it can help hold the layers of fleece in place.


Step 7

Cut slits about 4 inches deep and 1 inch apart all the way around the edges of the fleece. Make sure to cut through both layers of fleece at the same time so the slits line up.

Step 8

Grab one piece of fringe and the piece of fringe from the layer underneath. Tie the two pieces of fringe together in a secure knot.

Step 9

Repeat Step 8 all the way around the edges of the blanket.


Since this project is simple enough to do with kids, you may want to make an extra no sew fleece blanket with fringe to donate to children in need through Project Linus. You can reach them through their website (see Resources).


Use caution when working with scissors and pins.


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