How to Make a Grease Costume

A "Grease" costume is a great idea for a theme or Halloween party. A reminder of the 1950’s with a fun edge, an outfit inspired by the hit play and movie will give you a good shot at a best-costume award, all for a design that's pretty straightforward. Here are instructions for putting together both girls' and guys' Grease costumes.

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Girl's costume

The correct shirt or top for a "Grease" costume is a close-fitting, tight sweater that comes slightly off the shoulders or has a boat neck. This will be appropriate if you are wearing a skirt or pants. If you are wearing a skirt, you also have the option of wearing a button-down blouse with a Peter Pan collar, covered with a close-fitting angora sweater.

Tight pedal-pusher pants will coordinate with your sweater and look great in black. This will create a classic “Sandy" costume. For a more demure costume, choose a circle poodle skirt. For tutorials on making a circle skirt and poodle skirt, follow the link under Resources.

You have several options for shoes with a "Grease" costume. Flat tennis shoes may be your easiest choice. If you have opted for the black pants, you my want to wear a pair of slipper high-heeled sandals. The best shoe for this costume, however, is the white-and-black saddle shoe.

Girls in the 1950’s wore their boyfriends' school letter jackets. They also wore button-down sweaters. You should be able to find any of these at a local thrift store, or even in your parents' closet.

Wear your hair in a ponytail and tie it with a scarf to finish off the costume.

Guy’s Costume

A black leather jacket is the most important element of a "Grease" costume. The jacket should be pretty simple, have two front pockets and a bold silver zipper. You can use white contact paper to create the "T-Birds" logo for the back. Cut out the logo and stick it to the jacket.

After the leather jacket, your hair is the next most important aspect of your look. If your hair is long, merely add “grease” or hair oil to slick it back. Play with it a while, combing the front section forward and then gently back to create the tell-tale bump in front. If you don’t have hair that can be styled in this fashion, look for an “Elvis”-type wig.

Wear a pair of dark blue jeans. They should be classic Levi’s. You can cuff them at the bottom if you wish.

Add the finishing touches to your "Grease" costume by wearing a classic white T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. You can tuck cigarettes into the sleeve cuff if you wish. Add black shoes and white socks, and your costume is complete.

Tips & Warnings

  • You will be able to find many of the items you need for the costumes in your own closet.
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