How to Cut Concrete Pavers With a Tile Saw

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Things You'll Need

  • Tile saw

  • Paving stones

  • Water

  • Safety goggles

Laying down a new walkway or a patio using pavers is easy to do, but there is often a great deal of cutting involved. Many people use hacksaws and other tools to cut their concrete pavers, but its far easier to use a tile saw. The blade works perfectly; the abrasive blade makes short work of pavers, just like cutting ceramic tile.


Step 1

Fill the reservoir tank of your tile saw with water. The water will wash down over the paver as you cut it, keeping dust low and preventing your saw from overheating.

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Step 2

Measure the size of each paver that you're going to be cutting. Using a nail or screw, scratch your measurement mark into the top of the paver. Make sure that you place your mark all the way across.

Step 3

Lay the paver on the feed rail of the tile saw and put on your eye goggles. Pour a little of the water over the top of the paving stone to keep the surface from chipping.


Step 4

Push the paver slowly toward the blade. The slower you go, the more even and smooth your cut will be. Always make sure that you use even pressure and speed. Varying the speed that you feed the paver through will result in an uneven cut.

Step 5

Push the paver into the blade. Once you make contact with the blade, keep pushing, using firm pressure. The blade will begin to bog down and decrease in speed. When this happens, push the stone more slowly. If the blade slows too much you won't be able to cut anything.


If the blade slows so much that it becomes difficult to push the paver through, stop and pull the paver away from the blade. Count to five seconds to allow the blade to come back up to speed, then try again.


Just because tile saw blades aren't sharp doesn't mean they won't cut you. Tile saws cut by being abrasive instead of by being sharp. Also, remove all of your loose jewelry such as necklaces before you begin your cut.