How to Build a Horse Drawn Wagon

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How to Build a Horse Drawn Wagon. One of basic wagon designs that seem to have changed little over the years consists of a body that can be removed easily or even replaced if needed, a running gear, and wheels. There are many variations within these simple parameters that allows you to create a horse drawn wagon that will suit your needs. In order to create your wagon, there are some steps you should follow.


Step 1

Go to your local library and look for books about the construction of horse-drawn wagons. Try to get books that cover as wide a variation of these vehicles as you can manage so you can pick and choose a deign when you build your own horse drawn wagon.

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Step 2

Look for existing wagons that are located in working historical farms, museums, or even private collections.


Step 3

Visit the wagons that are held in the collections you researched, and get as close to them as you can manage-with the owner's permission. Study the way the joints are fashioned, the use of the steel, the manner in which the wood is laid. If you explain that you are attempting to build a horse drawn wagon, you may find that the owners of the wagon may allow you some leeway--within reason--regular patrons may not receive.


Step 4

Decide what kind of wood you would like to use when you build a horse drawn wagon. Wood varies in each part of the country. For example, oak is found in many Northeastern wagons, whereas hickory is found in many Southeastern wagons. If you choose to go the historical route when building a wagon, you might wish to choose a wood that was used in your part of the country. If not, use whatever wood you like best.

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