How to Freeze Tomatillos

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Things You'll Need

  • Rimmed baking sheet

  • Heavy-duty freezer bag

Few vegetables survive extreme temperatures as well as tomatillos. Tomatillos thrive in blistering heat and store well in sub-zero temperatures. Tomatillos are almost always eaten cooked -- heat tempers their sharp bite -- so you can't detect the softening that naturally occurs with freezing when you eat them in a salsa, stew or curry. After you thaw tomatillos, use them within 24 hours and don't refreeze them.


Step 1

Pull away the papyrus-like husks sheathing the tomatillos and rinse them under cool running water. Tomatillos secrete a tacky fluid that acts as a natural insect repellent, and you may need to scrub them with a vegetable brush while rinsing to remove it.


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Step 2

Dry the tomatillos with paper towels and arrange them on a rimmed baking sheet. Place the baking sheet in the freezer.


Step 3

Chill the tomatillos until frozen solid, about 2 hours. Pack the tomatillos in heavy-duty freezer bags.


Step 4

Label the bags with the date and return them to the freezer. Use the tomatillos within one year for best quality.


Thaw tomatillos under cool running water or in the refrigerator before cooking them.



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