How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

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Carpet beetles usually live outside, but sometimes, they invade the inside of your home. They like to lay eggs in carpets and other fabrics. The larvae can be very damaging, creating holes in fabric. They will also invade leather and food. Don't forget to check your pet's food for carpet beetle infestations, too.


Step 1

Look for signs that you may have a problem with carpet beetles. Once they lay eggs, the adults will try to get outside, and you will see them at windows and possibly at doors, if light shows through the door jambs.

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Step 2

Find out where they are laying their eggs. You will need to know this before you can attempt to get rid of them. Once you find where they are laying their eggs, vacuum every day. Make sure you vacuum your furniture.


Step 3

Get rid of piles of clothes or other materials the larvae can feed on. Thoroughly clean bedding left down for your pets. Most pet beds are washable.

Step 4

Remove birds' nests around your home. Remove any bees' nests around your home. These are perfect spots for the adults to lay their eggs.


Step 5

Spray an insect spray around the floor boards and furniture. Be careful of any chemical sprays if you have pets, especially birds. The odor from the chemicals can kill birds, and if a dog or cat or other four-legged furry licks the poison, they could become very sick or die.


When you remove the eggs and larvae, the adult carpet beetles have no reason to come inside.

Carpet beetles are not difficult to control, as they are easy to get rid of. Until you get rid of them, you will have a hard time keeping them out of the house.

Close up any area where carpet beetles may be entering your home to prevent further infestations. Check areas such as the attic or partially open windows for entrance points.


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