How to Build Your Own Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Luon wood

  • Four 1x4s

  • Glue

  • Brad nails

  • Door knob

  • Hinges

Build Your Own Door

To create a truly unique house, you’ll want your doors to make a statement. Whether you decide to paint a mural, carve out a design, or stain an interesting piece of wood, a door can say a lot. The best way to start is to know how to make a typical door and make sure it is functional. Usually it is cheaper to purchase a ready-made door, but by learning the basics, you can develop your skills and create something unique.


Step 1

Measure the size of your door frame. The typical measurements for front doors are 36 inches wide, and 6-foot-8 inches high.

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Step 2

Purchase two luon sheets of wood that are a quarter inch thick, and at least the size you want to make your door. Popular woods are birch, oak, and cherry hardwoods. Luon is usually the least expensive.


Step 3

Purchase at least four 1x4s that are seven feet tall, and make sure they are completely straight.

Step 4

You’ll make two side rails cut a quarter inch smaller than your door frame.


Step 5

Attach those to a top rail and a bottom rail. These will measure seven inches shorter than the width of your door.

Step 6

The two middle rails should also be seven inches smaller than the width of your door. These will fasted in the middle with nails.


Step 7

This will complete your frame.

Step 8

Cut the luon so it is the proper size for your door. Place the luon on the frame. Glue and nail it with brad nails onto the frame.

Step 9

Once the glue sets, (this usually takes one day), you can sand the edges of the door.


Step 10

Attach three hinges on one side. The front of the hinges need to be flush with the wood, so you will have to mortis the hinge into the door and the door frame.

Step 11

After you hang the door, cut a hole for the knob.

Step 12

Follow installation directions for the knob to make sure it is installed correctly.


The door should be about a quarter inch smaller than the door frame so it will fit properly.


Standard doors are usually cheaper to buy than make.


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