How to Install a Pipe From a Sink Drain To a Wall Drain

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Things You'll Need

  • Drain pipe kit

  • Water pump pliers

  • Small bucket

Drain pipe cutaway

Plumbing is something many homeowners fear the most. The first inclination is to call a plumber and paying them for doing something that you will later think you could have done yourself. Installing drain pipes from a sink to the wall outlet provided is a simple process and can be done by the individual who likes to save money.


Step 1

Place the small bucket under the P-trap and remove the clean-out plug. If the drain kit has one, it will be located at the bottom of the P-trap. Let all water drain into the bucket. If there is not a clean-out plug, leave the bucket in place and proceed to Step 2.

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Step 2

Locate the nut that secures the P-trap to the drain extension that fits into the wall. Try removing it by hand. If this doesn’t work, gently grip the nut with the water pump pliers and loosen it enough to remove by hand.

Step 3

Gently swivel the P-trap away from the drain extension. This will allow some of the water in the P-trap to flow into the bucket.

Step 4

Locate the nut just below the drain flange. Try removing it by hand. If this doesn’t work gently grip the nut with the water pump pliers and loosen it.


Step 5

Allow the drain pipes to fall into the bucket to prevent water from spilling onto the cabinet floor.

Step 6

Locate and separate parts of the new drain pipe kit. Lay them out to be certain that all the needed parts are there.


Step 7

Secure the tail piece to the drain flange immediately under the sink drain. Tighten only by hand.

Step 8

Attach the P-trap to the tail piece. Leave the nut loose enough to maneuver the P-trap into position to connect it to the drain extension.


Step 9

Secure the P-trap to the drain extension and tighten by hand only. Tighten the tail piece nut by hand only.

Step 10

Turn the water on to check for leaks. If leaking, gently snug the nuts a little tighter with the water pump pliers.


Use care when applying pressure with the water pump pliers as this may damage the nuts.


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