How to Shoot Firecrackers and Bottle Rockets

How to Shoot Firecrackers and Bottle Rockets. Firecrackers and bottle rockets do not put on a beautiful fireworks show, as fountain fireworks do, but they are fun for older kids and adults to shoot off, and you can buy a lot of them at a reasonable price. The following will show you how to safely shoot fire crackers and bottle rockets.

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Shoot Firecrackers

Place firecrackers on a hard flat surface away from people, pets and anything flammable.

Light an incense stick or lighter stick, sometimes called a "puck lighter," with a regular household lighter or match until the tip of the incense stick turns red. The lighter stick will give you about 20 minutes of use.

Touch the lighter stick to the fuse or fuses of the firecrackers until the fuse is lit.

Back up and stand at a safe distance.

Shoot Bottle Rockets

Find something to place your bottle rockets in to shoot them from, such as a concrete block, a bottle or a tube. Make sure whatever you use that it is solid and sturdy and not easily tipped over.

Set the bottle rocket or rockets into the bottle, tube or block, placing it at a 75-degree angle.

Touch the lighter stick to the fuse until the fuse ignites. Light the fuse at an arms length to prevent injury.

Step back and stand at a safe distance.

Tips & Warnings

  • A good thing to use for bottle rockets is an old, large, empty fountain firework that you have used earlier in the evening.
  • Keep your bottle rockets away from power lines, pets and flammable materials such as gasoline or alcohol. Do not shoot them toward houses, people or trees.
  • Every state has their own laws in regards to fireworks and when and where you can light them. Make sure to follow all the rules of your state.
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