How to Make Things With Chewing Gum Foil

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How to Make Things With Chewing Gum Foil. A quick amusement when you're bored is to make things with chewing gum foil. You can make all kinds of objects that are useful, silly or just plain odd--but be warned--gum foil craft projects can be addictive fun.

Step 1

Smooth the wrapper on a hard surface. Lay a pencil lengthwise on the center of the paper. Roll the wrapper all the way around, forming a small tube. Remove from the pencil and twist one end of the tube closed. Lightly hold the tube in a closed fist; open end facing you. Blow forcefully into your fist to shoot the tube across the room.


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Step 2

Spread the wrapper out horizontally, foil side down. Smooth out any wrinkles. Fold up the lower left corner until even with the top edge. It will result in a metallic triangle next to a paper rectangle. Fold the triangle tip down over itself. Fold the resulting ½ size triangle over the paper rectangle. Fold the 2 paper edges over top of the triangle. If done correctly, you'll have a thick foil triangle. Hold 2 points between an index finger and thumb with the third point facing out. "Punt" the foil football at the nearest target.

Step 3

Make a foil paper airplane by following the same procedures you'd use with a larger piece of paper. Crease the wrapper in half lengthwise and reopen. Fold upper corners down to the crease, forming the nose. Refold the crease. On each side, fold down the wrapper until both edges touch the crease; forming the wing flaps. Lift each wing into position and practice your flying skills.


Step 4

Wrap foil lengthwise around a chewed pencil for a comfortable sleeve that will protect your hands.

Step 5

Place a pencil eraser-side down in the center of a gum wrapper. Wrap the paper around the pencil. Remove the pencil, leaving the form intact. This creates a flower base. Shape the "petals" by pulling outward and folding down the edges to create a rose.


Step 6

Fold the short side of a dollar bill in 5/8 inch. Roll the fold onto itself and crease again. Continue folding until the entire bill is the size of a stick of gum. Tuck the bill into the wrapper and place inside the pack of gum. Repeat this step with all your cash to form a hidden-in-plain-sight safe for your cash. You can easily pull out extra cash, yet conceal it in your hand to keep your hiding spot safe. For extra security, leave a few "real" sticks of gum in the pack to pull out as needed to cover your activity.


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