How to Clean Grease Buildup from Kitchen Cabinets with Greased Lightning

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber gloves

  • Wash rag or sponge

How to Clean Grease Buildup from Kitchen Cabinets with Greased Lightning. Greased Lightning is a multipurpose degreaser product designed to remove built-up grease. Grease regularly builds up in the kitchen due to cooking. People regularly clean stovetops and countertops to prevent buildup, but often forget about cabinets. Since the cabinets don't receive a daily cleaning, a strong degreaser is necessary to get rid of the built up grease.

Step 1

Put on rubber gloves. Greased Lightning is a powerful cleaning product. You must protect your skin and prevent irritation.

Step 2

Do a spot test to make sure Greased Lightning won't damage your cabinets. Spray a small amount of Greased Lightning in an unseen area of your cabinets, like a corner on the bottom or top of a shelf. Wipe it off after 10 to 15 minutes. If the grease comes off without damaging the cabinet material, move on to Step 2.

Step 3

Begin to clean grease buildup from kitchen cabinets with Greased Lightning by spraying them thoroughly. You need to make sure you cover the entire cabinet with the product.

Step 4

Wait for the Greased Lightning to work. Depending on the amount of grease buildup, let the Greased Lightning work by letting it set for 5 minutes if there is only a little build up and up to 15 minutes if there is heavy build up.

Step 5

Wipe your cabinets down. Using hot water and a sponge or rag, wipe down your kitchen cabinets, rinsing the sponge or rag often.


Always clean off a small area of your kitchen cabinets after the Greased Lightning has been sitting for 5 minutes if you are unsure how long you need to leave it on. If the grease build up doesn't come off, leave it on longer. If it does, continue cleaning your cabinets. Keep a towel under your cabinets while cleaning. Do this so the grease and the product drips onto the towel and not onto your countertops.


Never use Greased Lightning on painted surfaces. This product will peel off paint.