How to Make a Funnel or Cone From Paper

How to Make a Funnel or Cone From Paper. You may not have a funnel readily availabe when you need it, but you can make one out of a sheet of paper easily. And--you won't even have to wash the funnel after you use it. Just follow a few quick steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • A round object such as a cup or bowl

  • Scissors

  • Tape

Step 1

Trace a circle on a sheet of paper. Using your pencil, trace around a cup or bowl on the paper. The size of the circle will determine how large the funnel will be.

Step 2

Cut out the traced circle.

Step 3

Fold the circle in half. Then fold it in half again.

Step 4

Open the circle. Your circle will now have four folded triangles. Cut out one of the triangles. Once you do that, the circle will look like a giant Pacman with its mouth open.

Step 5

Role the Pacman's mouth shut. Bring the two edges together to see how your funnel is taking shape. If you want a narrower funnel, overlap the two edges of the paper. The more you overlap, the narrower the funnel.

Step 6

Tape the outer edge of the funnel. In order to keep the funnel in its funnel shape, you will have to apply a small piece of tape (or large depending on how large your funnel is) on the outside to hold the paper in place.

Step 7

Cut off the point at the bottom. The purpose of most funnels is to be able to pour something into it so that the contents can fit into a smaller opening. In order to do this, you must snip off the edge to create an opening at the bottom of the funnel


Do not snip the end off the funnel if you want to make a cone. It's easy to convert a cone into a funnel but not so easy to make a funnel into a cone.