How to Store Fireworks Properly

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How to Store Fireworks Properly. Fireworks are fun and exciting but they can be dangerous. You don't want to burn down your home or seriously injure friends or family with them. Improper firework storage causes accidents, wildfires, explosions and bodily injury every year. All these accidents can be avoided by storing fireworks properly. Follow the steps below to ensure the safety of you home, family and business.


Step 1

Conduct a risk assessment to find out if a fire starts, what your plan of action is. A risk assessment will help you find out all the possible problems with the storage area and your methods of storing so you can begin the process of making it a safe storage site.

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Step 2

Remove sources of ignition from the storage area. Store fireworks away from petroleum based substances like gasoline or kerosene, electric or gas heaters, drain cleaners and fertilizers.


Step 3

Store fireworks in a closed container. Plastic tubs with lids are perfect for keeping fireworks dry.

Step 4

Place fireworks away from other materials that could catch fire easily. It is important to keep them away from cardboard boxes, newspapers, pallets or parked vehicles.


Step 5

Keep exits clear of fireworks. Store fireworks away from doorways so if a fire does start exits are open and accessible.

Step 6

Test your smoke detector and make sure batteries are fresh and working.


Step 7

Make sure your fire extinguisher works and keep it close to the area where you are storing fireworks. Check to see if the extinguisher is full and the expiration date has not passed.

Step 8

Store fireworks in a secure room or building. You should be able to lock the building or room to prevent children or unwanted intruders from getting to the fireworks.


Check your state's laws regarding firework purchases and storage. Don't let people smoke in the storage area.

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