How to Make a Bottle Incense Burner

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Things You'll Need

  • Glass bottle

  • Duct tape

  • Drill with small bit

  • Leather strip or string cut 8-inches long

  • Large beads or fishing weights

  • Alligator clip

  • Incense

How to Make a Bottle Incense Burner. A bottle incense burner is made from a glass bottle. This type of incense burner keeps all of the ashes inside of the bottle and forces the incense from the top. Turning old glass bottles into incense burners is one way to reuse the bottle. This project takes about 20 minutes to complete.


Step 1

Wash the bottle out to clean off any residue. Allow the bottle to dry completely. During the drying process, stand the bottle upside down so all of the liquid runs out.

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Step 2

Find the middle point of the length of the bottle. Cover the middle point with a small strip of duct tape. You will be drilling an air hole in this area. The duct tape keeps the glass from splintering while you cut.


Step 3

Drill into the bottle at the middle point at a slight angle when beginning. Do not press too hard. Pour water onto the bit and bottle while drilling to keep the bit cool. You can also submerge the bottle in a sink or pan while drilling to cool the bit. Once the hole is drilled, round out the whole slowly until the hole is the size of a dime.


Step 4

Remove the duct tape from the side of the bottle. Clean any excess adhesive from the side of the bottle. The hole allows the incense smoke to escape the incense burner once the project is completed.

Step 5

Tie the alligator clip to one side of the string or leather strip. Slide the large beads or weights onto the other side. Tie a knot at the end to keep the beads or weights on the leather.


Step 6

Clip the end of the incense onto the alligator strip. This is the small end of the incense that you do not light. Light the incense and lower it upside down into the bottle. Hang the weights on the outside of the bottle. This holds the incense in the bottle without letting it touch the bottom.



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