How to Replace a Lightbulb in an Outdoor Halogen Light Fixture

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Things You'll Need

  • New halogen light bulb (the proper wattage)

  • A pair of gloves

  • An old rag

How to Replace a Lightbulb in an Outdoor Halogen Light Fixture. Outdoor halogen light fixtures offer a brilliant light radius which can often illuminate your entire yard. The light is so powerful, that it often only requires one well-placed light fixture to do it.

When you have a halogen light fixture outside and the bulb happens to go out, the difference is like, well, it is like night and day! A great source for home security or for simply being able to keep an eye on your dog as he does his business, halogen light fixtures are a wonderful addition to any backyard.


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But, these powerful lights do not use a conventional light bulb. Halogen light bulbs are long and thin, and they do not get screwed in, which can confuse some people. So to help keep your yard illuminated, here's how to change a lightbulb in an outdoor halogen light fixture.

Step 1

The first step before replacing a halogen light bulb is to turn OFF the power to the light fixture. The reason is that many halogen outdoor light fixtures come with a motion sensor or photoelectric switch installed and when you replace the bulb, it may automatically turn on.


You do not want your fingers holding a halogen light bulb when it flares up as it gets extremely hot! Turn the power OFF and play it safe. Plus, if the light was on and it just burned out, give the fixture plenty of time to COOL OFF before touching it.

Step 2

Most outdoor halogen light fixtures feature a wide glass front, held in place by metal spring-loaded clamps. With one hand on the glass to keep it from falling, use the other hand to release one clamp. Then release the second clamp. Now, you can safely remove the glass.


Step 3

Sometimes, the rubber waterproof seal will also pull out along with the glass. If that happens, simply place the seal back into its groove.

Step 4

The halogen light bulb is held in place by two sockets. One side is spring loaded.


Put on your gloves, place your fingers on the bulb and slide it to the left. If it doesn't release, try sliding it to the right. Once you find out which socket is spring loaded, you can just pop the bulb out.

Step 5

You can use this time to clean out any bugs or dirt that happened to get in the light fixture with the rag. You can also clean the glass cover so the light will shine as effectively as possible.



Step 6

Now, it is important to keep your gloves ON while installing the new halogen bulb. If you install it without gloves, the oils from your fingers will get on the bulb and cause it to burn out much faster than normal.

Install the new bulb exactly the same way as you removed the old one - by inserting one end into the spring-loaded socket and sliding the bulb into place.


Step 7

Next, make sure that the rubber seal is still intact and set the glass cover in place. Use the metal clasps to secure the glass to the fixture.

Step 8

Turn the power to the halogen light fixture back ON. If there is a motion sensor or photoelectric switch on the fixture, the bulb may illuminate for a few seconds.


Step 9

Clean up the debris and that's all there is to it! Now, you can get back to business without worrying about how dark your back yard will be tonight.


Always wear gloves when replacing a halogen light bulb. Make sure you purchase the properly rated halogen bulb for the fixture (150w, 300w, etc.)

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