How to Make Mocktails

Fruity, fun and alcohol-free
Fruity, fun and alcohol-free

How to Make Mocktails. When you plan your next get-together, don't forget about your friends who don't drink alcohol. Mocktails, simply cocktails without the alcohol, are a delicious and safe alternative to alcoholic beverages and are suitable for partygoers of all ages. Consider having a family-friendly party and provide some fun and festive mocktails for everyone to enjoy.

Things You'll Need

  • Fruit juices of your choice
  • Fizzy beverages, such as lemon-lime soda, tonic or ginger ale
  • Garnishes, such as paper umbrellas, colorful straws, maraschino cherries or fruit wedges
  • Various cocktail glasses, such as martini or highball glasses
  • Ice

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Stock up on fruit juices, which are the base for many mocktails. Orange juice, lime juice or cranberry juice are great ways to start out a refreshing mocktail. Tropical mocktails are delicious with blended juice drinks such as peach-cranberry, or for more exotic drinks, try blends such as banana-mango. For a mocktail with real zing, try some lemonade or grapefruit juice.

Make fizzy drinks by adding some ginger ale, tonic water, club soda or lemon-lime soda. Try mixing them with different combinations of fruit juices for a mocktail cooler.

Buy a small bottle of grenadine syrup if you want to make mock cocktails such as a tequila sunrise, Singapore sling or pink lady. Grenadine will add sweetness to your mocktails, along with a rosy red glow to orange or pineapple juice blends.

Make a tomato-juice-based mocktail that imitates the Bloody Mary by simply leaving the alcohol out. Put the tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and other ingredients in a highball glass with plenty of ice, and you've created a Virgin Mary.

Garnish your glasses for a festive finishing touch. Plastic toothpicks skewered with pineapples or cherries, colorful straws, tiny umbrellas or even just slices of lemon, orange or kiwi will finish your mocktails in style.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you have plenty of ice on hand. You can use cubes, but for many mocktails, crushed ice is best. Just put some ice cubes in a heavy plastic bag, put a towel over it to provide cushioning and use a small hammer to crush the ice.
  • For a baby shower, try serving mocktails with a base of pink lemonade for a delicious and healthy drink.
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