How to Build a Wooden Wagon

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Things You'll Need

  • Hard wood

  • Wooden slats

  • Wagon handle

  • Wheels

  • Woodworking tools

How to Build a Wooden Wagon. A wagon is one of those necessary toys that every child should have. It's great for indoor and outdoor play. But the wagon will be even more special if you can build it together. And constructing a wooden wagon is easier than you might think.

Step 1

Determine how big you want the wagon to be. If you want it to be used as a toy, it should be large enough to hold two small children. The size of the wagon will determine how much wood you need and how much time this project will take.


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Step 2

Draw up a plan. This can be as detailed as you want it. A plan helps make sure you have accounted for all the necessary parts. And if your plan is drawn to scale, it will help you figure out how much wood you need to make your wooden wagon sturdy. If you don't feel comfortable drawing your own plan, you can buy pre-written plans.


Step 3

Cut the base of the wagon. This should be made of hard wood, because soft wood just isn't as supportive. The base of the wagon holds the entire thing together, so it's important to measure it accurately.

Step 4

Add sides and a back. Wooden slats can provide just enough support to keep your child safe in the wagon.


Step 5

Secure wheels and a handle. Some people choose to buy wheels and a handle that are already made, while other people prefer to make it themselves. No matter what you decide, you should make extra sure that everything is properly secured to the wagon.


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