How to Store an Easy Set Pool

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How to Store an Easy Set Pool. Easy set pools are the easiest pools on the market to set up, fill and use for summer swimming fun. Easy set pools come in a variety of sizes, and require the use of a filter and chemicals to keep the water crystal clear and bacteria free. Easy set pools need to be put away for the winter as they are not designed for year round use in cold climates.


Step 1

Disconnect filter, hoses and skimmer basket. Dry each piece thoroughly and place in the original box or use a plastic storage bin. Remove cover and ladder from the pool.

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Step 2

Drain water from your easy set pool. This can be done by simply removing the inside and outside plugs from the drain hole. You may want to use a back fill hose or garden hose connected to the drain to direct the water away from your yard.

Step 3

Let the air out the pool's inflatable top ring.

Step 4

Use buckets or a wet dry vacuum to remove any remaining water in the crevices of the pool and leave in the sun to dry for a few days.


Step 5

Turn the pool over and let the back to dry. Drape the pool over ladders or sturdy lawn chairs to allow air to get under the pool. Take care when doing this that you don't use sharp objects that can puncture the liner.

Step 6

Allow the pool to warm in the sun to make it more flexible for folding. Sprinkle a little talcum powder inside the liner to absorb any remaining water and to keep the vinyl from sticking together during storage.


Step 7

Fold the pool into a rectangular shape and then roll it up as tightly as possible. If it will not fit into the original box, wrap it in large black trash bags or a tarp and secure with bungee cords. Keep in a dry place.


Prepare an area of your garage or storage shed for pool storage before bringing it inside. It probably won't fit back into the original box, so place the pool on a large shelf out of the way of sharp objects or tools. Take great care to store the pool while the weather is still fairly warm and there is no danger of frost or freezes. The vinyl liner will crack under extreme conditions, so getting it put away well before winter weather sets in is the best way to care for your pool.

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