How to Carve a Wooden Tiki

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood

  • Dark colored pencil

  • Chisel

  • Hammer

  • Power tools (optional)

  • Compressed air spray bottle

How to Carve a Wooden Tiki. Tiki carvings have been around for centuries. Since the advent of computerized sketches, some people prefer to take new approaches to carve intricate designs on a wooden tiki. Others prefer to stick with traditional tools. Whatever method you pick, the art of carving a wooden tiki is learned by regular practice and experimentation.


Start with easy patterns and then proceed to difficult designs. Carve the back or the lower parts of the wooden tiki first. This will help you to understand the wood texture before you proceed to carve the face and other important areas of the tiki. Dip your hands in warm water for 5 minutes after every 30-minute session to relieve cramps. Put a thumb guard on your hand to avoid injury. Use acrylic based paints if you want to add color to your wooden tiki.


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