How to Make Rocks With Inspirational Words

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Things You'll Need

  • Rocks

  • Gel pen, paint or marker

  • Clear acrylic spray paint

  • Clear glitter (optional)

How to Make Rocks With Inspirational Words. Turn your rock collection into beautiful works of art that display inspirational words. A rock can be used as a paperweight on your desk bearing a word, a phrase or a poem that can inspire you each day. Larger rocks can be turned into garden art or placed along a meandering path through your garden--with words that encourage you to dream. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.



Wash the rocks with dish washing soap and water to get them clean before you start the project. Make sure the rock is totally dry before you start the project. You can add clear glitter after spraying on the acrylic coating to give the rock a bit of a glittery shine.