How to Make an Elmer Fudd Costume

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How to Make an Elmer Fudd Costume. You don't need a lot of time or skill to throw together an Elmer Fudd costume for a party or dress-up. Just gather a few basic pieces and get crafty making the hat. Before starting, find a picture of Elmer Fudd and follow the tips below.

Things You'll Need

  • Brown Belt

  • Red Felt

  • Brown Felt

  • Brown Pants

  • Brown Shirt

  • Brown Boots

  • Baseball Cap With Brown Bill

  • Fabric Glue

Step 1

Begin with finding a brown shirt. One can be made easily from brown fabric with minimal sewing ability. It is a basic hunting shirt, with a collar and no buttons. The shirt has no tails, but is long enough to hang below a belt.


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Step 2

Belt the shirt with a thick brown belt. It may or may not have a buckle. Let the shirt hang down a few inches below the belt.

Step 3

Get some brown trousers. The pants worn by Elmer Fudd have no details such as seams or even pockets. They do not fit tight, and the bottom of the trousers will be tucked into boots. Sweat pants may even work. The pants are either the same color of brown or a darker shade than the shirt.

Step 4

Wear some brown boots. The boots in the cartoon are pretty nondescript like the trousers. The criteria for boots are only that they are usually brown and about mid-calf in height. There should be enough room to tuck pant legs in.

Step 5

Create the right hat for the best Elmer Fudd costume. The hat must be oversized, and will probably not be found in a store. It is a caricature of a hunting hat. Find a cheap brown baseball cap in a craft store. Cut four large petal shapes, two of red felt and two of brown felt. Sew or glue the fabric around the crown of the cap. Wrap the red fabric over the top of the crown and glue. Fasten the top of the brown fabric. Embellish with a brown tie in the top of the hat


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