10 Home Products You Should DIY, Not Buy

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DIY These Home Decor Items

Most people have a few clear goals in mind when they choose DIY items over store-bought ones. They'd like to save money, be creative and feel satisfied in completing a project. While everything in this list certainly meets those goals, they're worthwhile choices for another reason — these 10 items make statements that can be entirely your own. From a memo board that's dependent on your fabric choice, to a bedside lamp that can be stained any shade, to a herringbone headboard that will match any bedroom's decor, these are projects that depend on personality. And that's where you come in.

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industrial bedside lamp
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Light Up Your Style

When it comes to less-traditional options, it can be even harder to find an item in stores that perfectly matches your taste. For a timeless look that can complement a variety of decorating styles, make an industrial wooden lamp. While a lamp DIY project might seem intimidating, this step-by-step guide is simple enough to complete in an afternoon.

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Customize the Mood

Once you've finished your untraditional lighting project for the bedside table, you'll want something equally as impressive for the common areas. Make a candlelight chandelier that will change the entire mood of the room it hangs in. Control that mood by choosing one of many customizations to make this piece even more your own.

herringbone headboard
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Simplify Your Bedroom's Charm

When it comes to the place where you sleep and relax, simplicity is usually the best style choice. To keep it calm, make your own herringbone headboard with wood shims. This is one of those projects that will save you a ton of money and add lifelong value to your bedroom.

fabric tent canopy
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Give Playtime a Boost

For kids' downtime, there's really nothing like a well-made fort. It can turn a normal corner of the house into an adventure, and you can move it around to keep things interesting. To bolster playtime, make your own fabric canopy, which is endlessly open to any adventure your child can invent.

shag rug bench
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Turn Old Rugs Into Chic Lounge Spots

The best kind of DIY project is one that transforms old items that you no longer use into new items that will define your home's style. With this DIY project, you can spend a couple of hours upcycling an old shag rug to create a bench that might cost you an entire paycheck at an upscale furniture store.

DIY laundry hamper
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Make Even the Laundry Hamper Look Good

Although the clothes you're throwing into it are dirty, your hamper still adds to the aesthetic of your home, so why not make it stand out? Inspired by Anthropologie, this DIY laundry hamper is sturdy enough for a few large loads and can make even your crumpled up clothes look stylish.

fabric memo board
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Make a Memo Board That's Almost Too Pretty to Cover

Using a fabric of your choice, you can make your own memo board to keep you organized while showing off your taste. After you've adjusted the tutorial to your preferences, it might even be too pretty to cover with pins and to-do's — but hey, even if that happens, your schedule will still look tidy.

good vibes lightbox
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Make a Mood-Changing Lightbox

The best thing about this DIY lightbox is not just that it can change the mood of the room. What's even more interesting is that you can change the message on the lightbox according to your mood. Change out the letters as often as you please for a room piece that makes a statement.


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