DIY 1st Birthday Photo Cake Toppers

I love a baby's first birthday! Everything is new to them, and even though they won't remember the details, you sure will. These adorable and super easy-to-make cake toppers are the perfect thing to make your little one's first birthday even more special.

(Image: Kersey Campbell)

Things You'll Need

  • Pictures
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Coffee straws or stirrers
(Image: Kersey Campbell)

Video of the Day

Step 1

Collect some of your favorite photos of the birthday baby, and if possible, assemble them in a collage in a document on your computer to conserve photo paper. Then, print the images out using the highest quality setting for your paper type. I used glossy photo paper, so I set my printer settings to photo paper and printed the photos at the highest quality.

Step 2

Cut out the baby's head in each picture. Be sure to cut directly around the head for optimum cuteness.

(Image: Kersey Campbell)

Step 3

Grab your tape and attach the straws at varying heights on the back of each baby photo to create dimension.

(Image: Kersey Campbell)

Once you have taped them all with straws, you're ready to decorate!

(Image: Kersey Campbell)


  • It helps to plan out exactly where you want to place each photo. Once you've decided, start sticking them in! Again, the varying heights help with the overall aesthetic of the cake.

(Image: Kersey Campbell)

Step 4

Once you have arranged the photos, add a cute candle (away from the paper!) and you're ready to party!

(Image: Kersey Campbell)
(Image: Kersey Campbell)
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