9 Fun Ways for Families to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

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Fun Ways for Families to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
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Kid-Friendly Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

From corned beef to Irish cream liqueur to Guinness-filled chocolate desserts, adults will forever be enticed by the allure of St. Patrick's Day. However, the real bright-eyed hopefuls are your little ones. This year, try making St. Patty's Day an extra-magical holiday for your family by trying out a few of these fun, kid-friendly ideas.

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How to Make Food Green for St. Patrick's Day
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Add a Little Green to Your Diet

A little food dye goes a long way on this truly ever-green holiday. Try one of these St. Patty's Day food ideas to add a touch of Irish to your everyday dishes.

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Rainbow Parfaits with a Pot of Gold
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Treat the Family to Rainbow Parfaits

Want a truly magical end to your kid's St. Patty's Day? Try these rainbow parfaits. Yes, they are more cake-like than they are healthy, but what good is any holiday if it doesn't end in a little decadent dessert?

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DIY Rainbow Garland Cake Topper
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Make a Simple Rainbow Garland Cake Topper

While we're talking about desserts, if you'd rather celebrate the Irish by going all out and serving up an entire cake (which we fully support, by the way), try this DIY cake topper. It's a subtle way to add a splash of fun to an otherwise-normal dessert.

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DIY Leprechaun Traps
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Set Up a Leprechaun Trap

With those little leprechauns causing mischief everywhere, it's important to help your kids set the proper, yet adorable, leprechaun trap.

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DIY Rainbow Sensory Box
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Engage Little Ones With a Rainbow Sensory Box

This rainbow sensory box idea is mess-free, easy-to-make activity that will have any young child digging for magical coins for hours.

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Lucky As Can Be Gift In A Jar
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Give a Sweet Gift in a Jar

No matter how simple, little gifts are always a holiday must-have. That's why this gift in a jar idea is so perfect. While you can personalize it with your child's favorite little prizes, it's also a sweet surprise for your unsuspecting spouse.

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DIY Rainbow Headband
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Make an Adorable Rainbow Headband

Are your kids off to school for the day? Don't let them leave empty banded! Make this DIY rainbow headband to add a little holiday pizzazz to their day.

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