How to Catch a Leprechaun and Other St. Patrick’s Day Tricks for Kids

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ehow_leprechaun_footprint3Sure, it may seem like every time you turn the corner in a store, there’s a new holiday display reminding you of more things to buy. First Day of Spring cards! National Sharpened Pencil Day! Granola Bar Appreciation Month! OK, OK, we know things can get out of hand, but to a kid? Holidays are goldmines — opportunities to bring some fun and magic to an otherwise ordinary day. Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day brings with it a world of childhood fun for your family. What do kids love more than candy? Pranks! Tricks and pranks and sneaky little leprechauns. Here are five ways to spin some magic into the Irish holiday this year.

Go Green

ehow_leprechaun_greenIt’s a simple thing, but it goes a long way with kids. Have everyone in the house wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. Paint fingernails green, add a face-painted shamrock to a cheek and tie green bows in ponytails. And everyone knows what happens if you don’t wear green — you get pinched!

Set a Leprechaun Trap

ehow_leprechaun_trapThose leprechauns are fast and sneaky, but you just might have some luck at catching one if you set a proper trap the night before St. Patrick’s Day. Enlist your kids for ideas and get creative with designs. Use kitchen gadgets, shoe boxes, string — whatever you have on hand. You’re going to need some of that Irish luck though because leprechauns are hard to catch! But if you don’t end up catching one, you can at least find some good leprechaun evidence like a note and a pot of gold chocolate coins.


Make Leprechaun Tracks

ehow_leprechaun_footprintFootprints provide some pretty solid leprechaun evidence, and they’re easy to create with a little green paint (acrylic cleans off tile floor well). Make a fist, and then paint the outside edge of your hand (pinky finger side). Keeping your fist clenched, press the painted side against the floor. Add fingerprints for toes.


Make a Mess!

ehow_leprechaun_messKids are thrilled by leprechaun pranks and tricks — the naughtier, the better. Make a mess, hang toilet paper from the chandeliers, tip all the chairs over. My daughter wakes up on St. Patrick’s Day and shouts, “They did it again!” So sneaky!

Flush It Lucky!

ehow_leprechaun_toilet2Add a few drops of green food coloring to the toilet water for a hilarious surprise when your kids make their morning restroom break. Those leprechauns think of everything! And if poker teaches us anything, it’s that there’s luck in a good royal flush.


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