9 Ways to Make Your Bed Your New Best Friend

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10 Ways to Make Your Bed Your New Best Friend
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It supports you, keeps you warm, and knows all your secrets and Netflix binge history. If your bed's not eligible for BFF status, who is? We spend nearly a third of our lives asleep, so don't hesitate to put a little extra effort and thought into this relationship. These tips and DIYs will ensure you get a good's night sleep — and may just make you never want to leave your bed again.

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How to Make a Faux Cross-Stitch Lampshade
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Make a Faux Cross-Stitch Lampshade

Love reading before bed? Upgrade your lamp with a new DIY lampshade! No sewing skills required for this project — you'll just need a stencil, fabric paint and an hour of your time.

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Use Cut Yarn to Make Your Own Embellished Throw Pillow
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Make Your Own Embellished Throw Pillow

Can you ever really have enough pillows on your bed? But instead of spending on something generic, create your own message and design with this throw pillow tutorial.

How to Make Reed Diffuser Oil
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Add Ambiance With a DIY Reed Diffuser

Sometimes, it seems like it's impossible to find the perfect scent for your bedroom diffuser. Make the scent you really want with essential oils — and save money, too!

How to Make an Indigo-Dyed Textile
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Make an Indigo-Dyed Textile

Something about indigo just makes a room feel cool and calm. And since traditional indigo-dyeing arts like Shibori tend to be pricey, why not make your own version at home for a fraction of the cost?

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How to Make a Lap Tray
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Make a Lap Tray

There's nothing nicer that breaking bread in bed — but breaking it into the bed is a different story. Make your own gorgeous wooden lap tray and enjoy a lazy breakfast without the crumbs.

5 Tips for Adding Color If You’re a Neutral Lover
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Add Pops of Color (Even If You’re a Neutral Lover)

A pop of color can be energizing in the morning. Even if your bedroom has an all-white or neutral palette, adding a colorful throw pillow, a textile as art or even a wallpaper accent wall are all easy DIYs that will make your bed feel even more like your best friend.

Give an IKEA Rast Nightstand a Hollywood Regency Look
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Upgrade Your Nightstand

Turn a basic (and affordable!) Ikea Rast nightstand into a fancy Hollywood-inspired piece of statement furniture to really elevate the look and feel of your bedroom. Add your own custom pulls to make it really stand out.


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