8 Budget-Friendly Ikea Hacks Your Home Needs Right Now

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Budget-Friendly Ikea Hacks
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8 Affordable Ikea Home Hacks

Design your own custom furnishings and decor on the cheap by hacking your favorite Ikea finds. Transform furniture, storage solutions or even a basic basket into creative, clever accouterments for your home without paying designer-store prices.

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Checkerboard IKEA table
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Give a Side Table a Game Night Upgrade

Add a little fun to the function of an Ikea Lack table by painting a checkerboard on it. Painted wooden discs, also decorated yourself, serve as the checkers. Why wait for game night? This table is ready to play whenever the mood hits.

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kitchen coffee bar
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Craft Your Own Clutter-Free Coffee Bar

Keep coffee cups, Kcups and accessories organized by transforming a small area of your kitchen into a coffee bar. An Ikea Grundtal rail system, paired with S hooks, houses your coffee mug collection. Repurpose a low-profile bookshelf into storage space for your coffee maker, French press or sets of shaped sugars and place it below your hanging coffee cups. Everything you need for your next cup of caffeinated comfort is on hand, right when you want it.

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modern table desk
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Add Retro Inspiration With This Mod Table Makeover

Several Ikea accessories team up for this contemporary take on a mid-century modern desk. Tapered wooden legs, a patterned backer board and cork trivet transform the tabletop into an oh-so-chic desk stylish enough to display in the living room. Add an accompanying chair and your retro furniture revision is ready to go. Looking for more mid-century modern DIYs? Check out 10 Mid-Century Modern DIYs to Give Your Space a Modern Update.

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industrial rail storage solution
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Simplify Your Storage Space in the Garage

The Ikea Grundtal rail system takes center stage once again -- this time, taming tools and clutter in the garage. Install several sets of the rails, baskets and caddies in handy places along the wall. Now your hand tools, spray cans and small items no longer eat up valuable countertop space and you'll know exactly where to find them, every time.

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DIY rhododendron chandelier
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Light Up Your Living Area With a Chic Floral Chandelier

Forget about spending top dollar on a chic chandelier when you can make your own on a budget. Cupcake liners, glued to a round paper lantern, form this elegant rhododendron chandelier. An Ikea Hemma cord set and low-wattage LED bulb provide the light. Instantly upgrade the style in the living room, hallway or even the bedroom with this super chic, super simple creation.

entryway storage solution
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Add Style to an Entryway With This Storage Station Hack

Give an Ikea Ställ shoe cabinet an elegant entryway-worthy upgrade by adding hints of gold gilding to the legs and handle areas. Forget about storing shoes -- set this cabinet near an entryway and use it to stash mail, bills or even the chargers for personal electronics. When styled in front of an accent wall, this new organization system will upgrade your home's style while saving your sanity.


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