10 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use Sugar

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10 Mind-Blowing Ways to Use Sugar

There are reasons beyond taste that account for why sugar is so ubiquitous in the modern Western diet. Not only does sugar make your pumpkin-spice latte taste amazing, it is a stabilizer, a fermenter, a preservative, a moisturizer and a texturizer — all of which make sugar the perfect go-to for these 10 sweet non-culinary hacks!

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DIY Stain Remover

If your new top has come into contact with oil, grease, grass or coffee — the enzymes in sucrose (table sugar) and other sweeteners are effective stain removers. Similar to how sugar creates a simple syrup with fruit, it also breaks down the organic matter in stains and strips fabric fibers of existing blemishes through absorption. Instructions: Create a paste by blending 1/2 cup sugar with 1/4 cup warm water; thicken mixture with a tablespoon of sugar if necessary. Rub the sugar paste into the stain and let sit overnight before washing normally.

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Cool Your Hot Mouth

If you've overdone it with the spices, simply sprinkle sugar onto your tongue. It's no mystery that snack-makers use sugar primarily for it's sweet ability to overpower all sensations in the mouth. Sugar scientists call this the "taste threshold," and everyday table sugar (sucrose) has a "relative sweetness" that will crush those chili peppers! Method: Sprinkle a dash of sugar on your tongue or roll a sugar cube around in your mouth.

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Lip Scrub

Sugar will help keep your kisser set for smooches! Because sugar binds with water, reactions that need water are delayed when sugar is present. This is why sugar is used as a preservative to help cakes stay moist. Instructions: Blend 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp coconut oil or olive oil, 1/4 tp honey and 3-4 drops of peppermint essential oil (or a few squeezes of citrus fruit) in a small dish with a fork. This quick recipe makes a small batch that you can store in an old lip-gloss container.

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Soothe Bug Bites and Cuts

Sugar is an old-fashion remedy for drawing out the toxins from bug bites and bee stings. Companies like Band-Aid even sell patches infused with sugar crystals. There's no reason to pay for fancy bandages when you can turn to your sugar bowl for instant relief! Instructions: Create a paste by mixing sugar and water at a 3:1 ratio. Clean the wound or bite before applying the paste. Cover with a bandage for 30 minutes.

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Remove Odor

Sugar will bid a sweet farewell to kitchen and other household odors! When sugar is heated above its boiling point, magic occurs in the form of caramelization. A delicious aroma is released as the sugar browns! Method: On medium-low heat, add 2 tbsp of sugar to a pan until it's caramelized. Bonus: Add a tablespoon of sugar and vinegar to a pot of water before boiling "smelly" vegetables to keep the cruciferous odor under control.

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Clean Greasy Hands

Sugar gives jams, cookies and breads a robust mouthfeel. It's this same texture expression that turns a few dashes of sugar into a powerful scrubbing agent that removes dirt and grime. Instructions: Add a tablespoon of sugar to a palm full of soap, bring to a lather and then rinse. Bonus: Skip the suds and create a 2:1 mixture of sugar and olive oil that moisturizes while it cleans.

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Better Berries

Create a simple syrup that transform fresh berries from boring to bold without any fancy toppings or added calories. The enzymes in sugar produce a juicy, natural molasses by breaking down the fibrous, pulpy berry skin. Translation: sugar + berries = syrup! Method: Sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar to every cup of berries and let sit for 15-30 minutes (until the berries have macerated and a syrup has formed).

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Homemade Exfoliant

Sweeten up your skincare routine with several spoonfuls of sugar! Sugar is so frequently added to baked goods because of its ability to add bulk and texture. These same properties make sugar an impressive cleanser and exfoliant. Method: Blend 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 cup coconut oil or olive oil and either several drops of essential oils or juice from overripe fruit. Bonus: Simply add a 1-2 tbsp of sugar to your body wash or facial soap to create a quick, affordable exfoliant wash.

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