10 Life Hacks That Will Save You Money, Space and Time

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Life Hacks That Will Save You Money, Space and Time

It’s usually the smallest things that can cause the biggest headaches, like trying to open one of those super-sealed plastic packages or remembering to water the plants. Let us help with these #eHowHacks that are so simple, you won’t believe you didn’t think of them yourself.

Open Tough Packaging with a Can Opener

Open Tough Packaging with a Can Opener

Prevent painful cuts and scrapes when opening your new SD card or latest gadget. Who invented those terribly difficult to open plastic packages, anyway?

Self Watering Plants

Self Watering Plants

If you have a hard time remembering what you had for breakfast this morning, there's a good chance you won't remember if you watered your credenza. This hack lets you set it and forget it.

Make a Scoop out of a Milk Jug

Make a scoop out of a milk jug

Don't buy another scoop for gardening or building sandcastles at the beach when you can literally cut one out of a gallon milk jug. Mind. Blown.

Binder Clip Your Way to an Organized Freezer

Binder clip your way to an organized freezer

Binder clips: Keeping things organized at the office and in the freezer.

Space Saving Soda Tab Hangers

Space saving soda tab hangers

No more room in the closet for more hangers? Use soda tabs to double up hangers and save space.

Emergency Crayon Candle

Emergency crayon candle

Did you know crayons can light on fire? It's good to know in case of an emergency.

Open a Wine Bottle with a Screw

Open a wine bottle with a screw

Lost the corkscrew? We've all been there. But where there's a will, a screw and a power tool, there's a way.

Animal Toy Key Holder

Animal toy key holder

It's easy to forget where you put your keys. It's not easy to lose them when an adorable dinosaur lends a helping hand.

DIY No Slip Hangers

Life Hacks That Will Save You Money, Space and Time

On a scale of 1 to super frustrating, clothes that keep slipping off the hangers are definitely on the extreme end. Thankfully, the solution is one hot glue gun away.

Paperclip Phone Stand

Paperclip phone stand

Hold the phone! You can prop up a smartphone with a paperclip? Turn an annoying situation into a solution you can stand with this simple DIY.

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