How to Cook Frozen Blintzes

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Things You'll Need

  • Oil

  • Saute pan

  • Lid

  • Spatula

Don't let blintzes thaw before cooking them.
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Whether you call them crepes, blinis, blintchikis or blintzes, these delicate, thin pancakes make beautiful wrappers for just about any filling. Blintzes are made without a leavening agent, like crepes, and have about the same thickness as other European pancakes. Filled or unfilled, blintzes freeze well and thaw without getting soggy, the biggest problem with freezing food. Unleavened breads don't have many air pockets, so they don't collect enough moisture to form large ice crystals -- no ice crystals, no soggy blintzes. You have to cook frozen blintzes within a month of freezing them, though, for best results.


Step 1

Remove the filled blintzes from the freezer and unwrap them. Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a saute pan over medium-low heat. Tilt the pan to cover the bottom with oil.

Step 2

Place the frozen blintzes seam side down in the pan. Cover the pan with a lid.

Step 3

Cook the blintzes until the bottoms are golden brown, about six minutes. Slide the pan back and forth on the burner a few times to move the blintzes, but keep them seam side down.

Step 4

Remove the lid after about six minutes and turn the blintzes over with a spatula. Cook the blitzes until browned on the other side and they feel firm to the touch, about five minutes.


Step 1

Remove the blintzes from the freezer. If you want to fill the blintzes, let them reach room temperature then fill and cook them as you do fresh blintzes.

Step 2

Drizzle oil in a pan and use a paper towel to spread it over the surface in a light sheen, if you want to crisp the blintzes. If not, place the pan on the stove dry.

Step 3

Heat the pan over low heat for about two or three minutes and place an unfilled blintz in it.

Step 4

Cover the pan and heat the blintz for about three minutes. Turn the blintz over with a spatula and cook another minute or two, or until you see wisps of steam rising from them.


Try frozen blintzes filled with a frozen filling for an extra-cool treat. Just make blintzes as you normally do and fill them with flavored whipped cream, a light custard or ice cream, freeze and serve them with a warm dessert sauce.