How to Install a Hydro Quad Water Softener

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire snap clamps

  • Eight bags of pellet salt

The water quality in your home or building can often be improved with the installation of a water softener. A water softener reduces the concentration of magnesium, calcium and other minerals, reducing the hardness of your water. The Hydro Quad water softener provides quality drinking water for your home as well as for cleaning, laundry and bathing.


Step 1

Choose a location for your Hydro Quad water softener near an electrical outlet. The water softener should also be placed close to the main water line and drain.

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Step 2

Turn off the water to your home at the main water shutoff valve. To ensure the water is off, turn on a faucet; the remaining water in the pipes should drain and then eventually stop.

Step 3

Attach the home's water supply pipe to the inlet valve of the water softener and the hot water heater pipe to the water softener's outlet valve. Place wire snap clamps on the pipes attached to the water softener to secure the connection.

Step 4

Plug the power supply cord of your water softener into a electrical outlet that does not operate on a switch.


Step 5

Fill the brine tank with eight bags of pellet salt.

Step 6

Turn the bypass valves at the back of the softener to the upright position.

Step 7

Turn the water supply back on at the main water valve. Test by turning on a faucet until there is a steady flow of water.


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