How to Install Wall Tile Over Textured Paint

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Things You'll Need

  • Drywall knife

  • Medium-grit sandpaper

  • Damp cloth

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Level

  • Notched trowel

  • Mortar

  • Tile cutter

  • Grout

  • Grout float

  • Sponge

Applying tiles over textured paint is a fairly easy process.
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Give your texture-painted wall an updated look by covering it with wall tile. Tile is a fairly versatile material that can be applied over virtually any solid surface. Simply select a style and color of tile that coordinates with the decor of the room and -- with a few preparations, some time and a bit of patience -- you can cover your texture-painted walls with tile.


Step 1

Place a wide drywall knife on the wall at a 45-degree angle. Move the knife in upward, downward and sideways directions, loosening and removing the surface of the texture from the wall.

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Step 2

Sand the wall with medium-grit sandpaper to further smooth the texture, creating an even surface on which to apply the tile. Use either a hand-held sander or an electric sander and start in one of the upper corners of the wall. Move across the wall and then downward, sanding the entire surface of the wall.

Step 3

Wipe down the surface of the wall with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris.

Step 4

Divide the wall in half. Use a tape measure to determine the center of the wall. Draw a straight vertical line at the center point, using a pencil and a level.


Step 5

Spread mortar along the wall on one side of the line with a notched trowel. Set a tile against the wall so that one side is against the pencil line. Start at the bottom of the wall and work your way upward and outward. Apply more mortar as needed. Set spacers in between each tile.

Step 6

Measure any remaining spaces that require pieces of tile. Cut pieces of tile to equal the measurements for each space with a tile cutter. Apply the cut tiles onto the wall.


Step 7

Repeat the previous two steps on the opposite side of the wall.

Step 8

Remove the tile spacers once the entire wall is covered with tiles. Allow the tiles to set for 24 hours.

Step 9

Apply grout to the wall with a grout float. Start at one of the bottom corners of the wall and work your way up and outward. Work the grout between the gaps in the tiles.

Step 10

Wipe down the surface of the tiles with a damp sponge. Rinse the sponge and wring it out as needed.


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