How to Replace a McCulloch 3200 Chain Saw's Oil Tank

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Things You'll Need

  • Approved oil container

  • Flat-head screwdriver

  • Wrench

  • Piston stop

  • Clutch removal tool

  • Needle-nose pliers

The oil tank on a McCulloch 3200 chain saw holds the lubrication for the bar and the chain. This tank sits on the starter side of the chain saw and connects to the oil pump. Over time, dirt and other impurities in the oil will plug up the oil tank. Rocks, a broken chain and other projectiles can puncture the outer wall of the tank during operation. All of these may require you to replace the oil tank on a McCulloch 3200 chain saw.


Step 1

Set the chain saw on a workbench, with the starter side facing you. Loosen the oil tank cap and drain all remaining oil into an approved oil container.

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Step 2

Undo the cylinder cover on top of the saw and remove it. Detach the four screws holding the starter cover to the outside frame of the chain saw. Pop the starter cover off the chain saw.

Step 3

Undo the bar nuts on the clutch side of the saw. Take the clutch cover, bar and chain off the saw. Unhook the rubber boot from the end of the spark plug. Insert the piston stop into the spark plug hole.

Step 4

Turn the clutch hub clockwise with the clutch removal tool. Remove all of the clutch parts. Detach all of the screws holding the right half of the saw body to the engine block.


Step 5

Turn the worm drive counterclockwise and remove it from the crankshaft stub. Unscrew the oil pump cover screw. Lift the oil pump out of the engine and disconnect it from the oil delivery hose.

Step 6

Detach all of the screws holding the front handle to the body of the saw and remove it. Undo all of the remaining screws holding the left half frame of the saw to the engine block of the saw.


Step 7

Pry off the fuel primer bulb with the needle-nose pliers. Pop off the left half frame of the saw body, using the screwdriver as a wedge. Pry out the oil tank with your hands. Check the condition of all the oil tank parts, including the duckbill, the oil filter and the spacer.

Step 8

Install a new tank and replace any other damaged parts on the oil tank and the oil pump. Reassemble the chain saw in reverse order.


Draw a rough diagram of the disassembled parts to aid in the reassembly process.


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