How to Replace Tool Box Drawer Glides

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Things You'll Need

  • Replacement drawer glides

  • Screwdriver

The glides in a toolbox should be replaced if the drawer starts becoming difficult to open.
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The glides on each drawer of a toolbox can wear down and break with extended usage. Damaged glides can cause a drawer to become difficult to move and get stuck. Replacing the glides is not a difficult task if you have the correct replacement parts for your toolbox. In some cases, the glides on a toolbox might allow for non-standard replacements to work, but this is not a common design with all models. Getting the correct replacement drawer glides for your toolbox model is the only way to ensure the replacements function properly.


Step 1

Slide the toolbox drawer all the way out. Look along the sides of the drawer where the glides are touching the toolbox. You should see a small tab of metal or plastic touching each of the glides to the toolbox. These pieces stop the drawer from falling out of the toolbox if it is pulled too far out.

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Step 2

Press both tabs in with your fingers. Pressing the tabs in disables them, allowing the drawer to come out of the toolbox. Pull the drawer straight out to remove it from the toolbox.

Step 3

Remove the screws holding the glide to the side of the drawer.


Step 4

Attach the replacement glide to the drawer using the same mounting holes as the original glide. The left and right side glides are mirror images of each other. Make sure you use the glide that is oriented in the same way as the glide you just removed.

Step 5

Attach the second replacement glide to the other side of the drawer using the same method you used for the first glide.


Step 6

Push the drawer back into the toolbox. You do not need to press down the tabs to insert the drawer back into place. The tabs only prevent the drawer from being pulled all the way out.


Most major toolbox manufacturers sell replacement parts through their website. Many hardware stores can also special order parts for toolbox lines they carry upon request.


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