How to Make Your Own Plexiglass Cabinet Door With Wooden Grille

Plexiglass cabinet doors create a modern twist for otherwise standard cabinets. Depending on your desired look, the plexiglass can be mounted as a door or in combination with metal and wood edging or decorative treatments. Because plexiglass can be molded, it is available in a wide variety of textures, colors and patterns. You can even select plexiglass with embedded leaves, flowers and gemstones. Each variation will change the appearance of your cabinet design.

Cabinets with transparent inserts. (Image: Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

Things You'll Need

  • Cabinet door

  • Screwdriver

  • Putty knife

  • Window grid

  • Construction adhesive

  • Brads

  • Hammer

  • Plexiglass

  • Table saw

  • Large carbide-tipped, triple-chip blade

  • Glazier's points

  • Mirror clips

  • Router

  • Drill

  • Bolts and nuts

Add Plexiglass to Cabinet Doors

Step 1

Remove the existing cabinet door from the cabinet. Turn the door upside down. Many cabinets have removable inset panels that can be removed from the back side. Unscrew the fasteners or remove the glazier's points.

Step 2

Cut a plexiglass insert to the same size as the panel using a table saw fitted with a large-size, carbide-tipped, triple-chip saw blade. Replace the panel with the plexiglass using the same points or screws to hold the new plexiglass in place.

Step 3

Turn the door over. Measure the opening where the plexiglass is visible. Order a replacement wood grid that will overlap the seam between the plexiglass and the cabinet door. Apply construction adhesive to the back underside edge of the grid along the outside perimeter. Press the grid into place. Hammer a brad through the wood into the cabinet door along the perimeter of the grid. Attach a brad every 12 inches. Some grids can be held in place using just the adhesive.

Add Wood Grids to Cabinet Doors

Step 1

Place a plain cabinet door on the work table. Position the wood replacement grid centered over the face of the door and draw a light pencil line around the grid. Wood replacement grids are sold in the kitchen and window departments of home improvement stores.

Step 2

Measure one-half inch from your outline toward the inside and draw a second set of lines. Cut along the inside line using a plunge saw or router. Remove the inside section of wood. Measure the thickness of your door. Set your router to half the thickness. Router the 1/2-inch lip from the original outline to the inset cut. This will create a ledge for the wood grid. Chisel your corners to points. Use a small sharp wood chisel and a mallet to carve out the corner so that your grid will fit into the corners.

Step 3

Apply construction adhesive along the ledge. Press the grid into place. Turn the door over. Place your plexiglass panel over the opening. Use mirror clips screwed into the back side of the door to hold the plexiglass in position.

Modern Plexiglass Door

Step 1

Select a thick piece of plexiglass to use as a cabinet door. The plastic should not flex easily.

Step 2

Position a wood grid over the plexiglass and center the wood. Drill pilot holes through the wood and plexiglass at each corner.

Step 3

Install industrial-looking bolts and washers to hold the wood and plexiglass together. Repeat for each corner. This will create a modern version of a traditional cabinet style.


Use plexiglass to your advantage by selecting pieces with unusual textures or designs.