How to Remove Floor Wax From Rubber Baseboards

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Things You'll Need

  • Lint-free cleaning cloths

  • Feather duster

  • Discarded credit card

  • Bucket

  • White vinegar

  • Cream of tartar

  • Scrub brush

  • Mop

Break out your cleaning kit and a few items from the kitchen to tackle dirty baseboards.
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Rubber baseboards provide an attractive, functional and affordable alternative to wooden baseboards. However, virtually any type of baseboard is susceptible to unsightly floor wax spots; such close proximity to the floor makes rubber baseboards a prime target for waxy buildup and residue resulting from routine floor maintenance. You can easily remove floor wax from rubber baseboards with a few simple household products.


Step 1

Dust the baseboards with a feather duster and wipe them down with a damp, lint-free cloth before starting the floor-wax removal process.

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Step 2

Scrape any dried, globlike buildup from the baseboards with a discarded credit card. Scrape gently in one direction to avoid scratching the rubber.

Step 3

Create a solution of white vinegar and cream of tartar in a bucket or another type of container. Use 1 cup of cream of tartar for each 1 gallon of white vinegar. Mix the solution thoroughly.

Step 4

Dip a soft-bristled cleaning brush into the solution and gently scrub the baseboards free of waxy buildup. Follow along with a clean, dry cloth, wiping the baseboards of the solution. Hand scrub any stubborn areas with a solution-saturated cloth or sponge, applying pressure with your fingers and fingernails as necessary.


Step 5

Give the baseboards a final wipe down with a clean, lint-free cloth dampened with clean water.

Step 6

Damp mop your floor to clean up any mess and allow the area to air dry.


Prevent wax buildup on your rubber baseboards with regular cleaning. Each time you wax the floor, dust the baseboards and wipe them with a soft-sided mop and white vinegar cleaning solution.


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