How to Open Up Low Mobile Home Ceilings

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Things You'll Need

  • Paint

  • Recessed lights

  • Tall floor lamps

  • Wall sconces

  • Multipurpose furniture

  • Large window treatments

  • Light colored carpet, rugs or flooring

  • Mirrors

Use color and lighting to open up your mobile home ceiling.
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While mobile homes are often a cozy space at a bargain price, the sparse square footage and close dimensions can make you feel as if the walls are closing in. If you're looking to expand your horizons by making over your mobile home ceiling, follow a few tips and tricks of interior design that can turn your home into a castle. If you decide the illusion of height isn't enough and you literally need to raise the roof, consult more than one contractor for estimates.


Step 1

Paint the walls of your mobile home cool colors that appear to recede, such as violet, light blue and light green. Avoid warm colors, such as orange, red or yellow; these will make it feel as if the walls and ceiling are coming toward you rather than moving away. Paint the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls to give the illusion that the ceiling is opening up. Use high-gloss paint to create a shiny, reflective effect.


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Step 2

Install recessed lights rather than hanging fixtures to save space and make the ceiling seem higher. Use multiple recessed lights to create lighting "zones" within your mobile home to break up the ceiling and make it seem more expansive. Set tall floor lamps in the corners to draw the eye upward; for the same reason, install wall sconces throughout the room.


Step 3

Choose a focal wall and place one tall furniture item, such as a book case or entertainment center. Allow this piece of furniture to create the illusion of height. Use low-slung furniture pieces for the rest of the room to exaggerate the difference and make the ceiling seem high in comparison. Install glass-topped surfaces, such as desks, coffee tables and end tables, to open up the space with functional pieces that don't cause a visual block. Choose couches and chairs that sit off the ground and have open space underneath to create a sense of flow.


Step 4

Maximize floor space with multipurpose furniture. Keep the decor simple and sparse; a cluttered floor will make it seem as if the ceiling is closing in. Use a storage chest or ottoman that can double as a coffee table; use stools that can double as reserve seating or end tables. Choose a love seat over a full-sized couch; choose stools to slide under your table rather than full-sized chairs. Pare down your belongings so your mobile home feels spacious rather than closed in.


Step 5

Open up the ceiling by emphasizing your windows. Hang window treatments close to the ceiling and extend the rods past the window on either side. Choose light colored, sheer, floor-length curtains to emphasize ceiling height and let in as much natural light as possible.

Step 6

Decorate the floor with light colored carpeting, area rugs or large, light tile. Open up the ceiling by providing the appearance of open, spacious floors.


Step 7

Hang mirrors throughout your mobile home to amplify light and space. Hang artwork vertically, from eye-level upward toward the ceiling, to enhance the appearance of wall height.


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