How to Troubleshoot a DeWalt Miter Saw

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Dewalt is the maker of a wide selection of tools, including hand tools, compressors, drills, generators, grinders and saws. Dewalt miter saws are used for cutting angles in baseboards and other trim to create neat corners for your home renovations. If your Dewalt miter saw isn't working properly, you can often fix some of the smaller issues yourself rather than taking it in for service.


Step 1

Look to ensure the saw is plugged in properly, and check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker if the saw won't start. Replace the brushes by removing the motor end cap and lifting the brush spring to withdraw the brush assembly. Replace with new brushes in the reverse order as they came out.

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Step 2

Replace the cutting blade, turn the blade around or remove it, and clean it off with turpentine and steel wool or oven cleaner if the saw isn't making clean cuts.

Step 3

Mount the saw to your workbench securely, even the surface the saw is sitting on, or replace the blade if the saw vibrates excessively while in use.


Step 4

Adjust the miter scale, square the blade to the fence, and make the blade perpendicular to the table if the saw isn't making accurate miter cuts.


Access the blade by unplugging the saw, raising the arm and lowering the guard down as far as you can. Loosen the guard bracket screw until the bracket is raised up far enough to reach the blade screw. Press down the spindle lock button, and turn the blade by hand until the lock is engaged. Loosen the blade screw with a wrench, then remove the screw, the outer clamp washer blade, the blade adapter and the blade itself.

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